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JZE is a fast developing electrics joint-stock company,
our business is supplying power transmitting and converting set
equipment, (high) medium voltage drive system, new-type energy
accumulation materials and electrotechnical high-tech material
products and solutions, our core operate are high-voltage
reactive-load compensation technology, flexible AC transmission
technology, high and medium-voltage motor driving technology,and we
are at the leaders of the given market for such techniques. Our job
is to create the worlds best electrics products, satisfying
customers and contributing to the societies through technology. They
are to be proved through the concepts such as, innovation, credit
standing and human value. For the years of establishment we had
remarkable achievements, from nothing at the beginning till now we
own the total assets of 3 hundred million RMB, over 620 employees,
55000 square meters of research and production base and a modernist
enterprise group with construction acreage of 40000 square meters
which is equipped with the most cutting edge electrical
manufacturing whole set production device that were imported from
US, Germany, Japan and Italy. We have 9 professional subsidiary
companies such as electric equipment branch company, Primary
Assemble Company, Electric Power and Electron Products Selling
Company, (high) Medium Voltage Drive System Company, Structure
Company, Accumulator Company, Shenzhen shrinkage Electrician
Material Company as well as Sell head office and Xiandai Electric
Power and Electron research college etc.

The importance of clients
  The essential factor that makes Jiuzhou so successful is how we
treat our clients. Yes, in Jiuzhou, clients are central to us, all
advise from our clients is carefully marked to make our clients
beyond satisfied, which is our main aim. Assisting our client to
meet their requirements, making studious attempts to create more
profits for our clients in order to upgrade the quality of our
customer service is what we pride ourselves on achieving. We deeply
believed in the success and progress of our clients are directly
linked to ours. We are attempting to change our role from being the
equipment supplier to the intermediary with our clients because our
customer service is mainly consisted in helping our client with
technique, cost, services in order to provide our clients with the
best competitive advantage in the stressful giving market by
lowering the cost, protecting the energy sources and increasing
productivity. Our three operate developing engines are high voltage
reactive-load compensation with STATCOM, (high) medium voltage
drive, latest energy accumulation material and application of
silicon latex in electrotechnical product
   We have created a considerable amount of value for our customers
by increasing the techniques and safety; thus we are strongly
trusted by our clients. Our products have been highly recognized by
large domestic firms or groups such as China Huadian Corporation,
China Guodian Corporation, China Telecom, china Unicom, China
Tietong, PetroChina Company Limited, China Petroleum, military
general staff China etc. Our products are successfully operating in
more than 3000 greatly important projects such as, Sanxia transmit
electricity, west to east electricity transmit, northeast and east
China online, Xiaolangdi water and power station, Beijing to
Tianjing railway, Daqing and Dagang oil field and Dagang etc. As
being the most influential Chinese electrics manufacturer we feel a
heavy burden of contributing our power for our society which we are
carrying on our shoulders but we are happy and willing to take the
challenge, because we are the best there is.


  Innovation is the core competitive advantage of Jiuzhou electrics.
We are now existing in a phantasmagoric age, while the global market
is opening to us, the technology is getting more mature, new ideas
are accumulating. Jiuzhou are aware that our product will not be
able to exceed general level without break through new technology
and taking the challenges from new opportunities, that is why we
keep inputting new ideas and technology into our product, constantly
getting extra value from innovation. Jiuzhou has been putting 8% of
profits into technology development in order to maintain the
leadership position with all other competitors. Our research center
been promoted as a provincial one but we have domestic top ranking
postdoctoral programme. We have been handling many national projects
in recent years. Our firm is seen as an exemplary industry base,
national 863 industrialized base, a chiefly high tech enterprise
that is recognized by the National Ministry of Science and
Technology department, a software enterprise that is recognized by
the National Ministry of Information Industry. As a producing,
studying and researching united firm we have been in a long-term
cooperating relationship with Tsing Hua University, Harbin Institute
of Technology, Tianjin Research Institute of Electric Drive,
Metallurgy Department of Automation. Also we have allied with famous
enterprise Rockwell automation in all kinds of strategy fields. In
Jiuzhou, research center we have high voltage reactive-load
compensation technique, STATCOM technique, AI control technique,
medium voltage drive technique and high frequent power switch
technique, etc professional research Institution, owning the 3000
square meters laboratory which is capable of loading 5000KVA high,
(medium) voltage motors and high voltage transducer as well as
owning the EMC lab, environment lab, intermediate test room and the
Beijing power and electron research center. We have been conferred
by national government with more than 10 patents every year. Jiuzhou
is making a studious attempt to innovate the core techniques in high
voltage reactive-load compensation, STATCOM, (high) medium voltage
drive, application of new-type energy accumulation materials and
silicon latex in high-voltage electric appliances etc.
   Technology is changing our life everyday, Jiuzhou believe that
learning ability is the only way to maintain competition in this
fast changing world, innovative while learning, developing and
survival by innovation and learning make the enterprise evergreen.
After ten years developing experience we conclude that, education is
investment, it produces fine financial advantages, it is the most
important condition of innovation and developing. To make Jiuzhou a
scholastic enterprise we have built up facilities such as libraries,
media teaching centers, and computer lab, purchasing over 30,000
specialized training materials and books. Training our staffs with
more than 20 courses such as new technology and management, team set
up, art of management as well as how to be an eligible manager. The
courses are to be taught every Tuesday regularly, in order to
upgrade all Jiuzhou members to a higher general standard thereby
increasing those capabilities such as innovation, competition,
developing backup ability
   We will take full advantage of information technology to manage
innovation. Jiuzhou invests 4 million RMB in ERP, PDM, CAPP
projects, and exploiting information resource fully and deeply
through information technology, thus the enterprise is effectively
managed and surveyed. In the meanwhile, the considerable amount of
data that come up from processing will be carefully analyzed and
classified. This is basic condition that how did we reduce our cost,
how we were able to deal with changing market efficiently. It is a
reliable tool to solve the data accurately, to strengthen the
financial management, a remarkable method to block up the leak of
purchasing, producing and sales. It is ensured Jiuzhou a
unchallengeable position in the competitive market.

Credit standing
  Survivorship of Jiuzhou is depending on the term credit. As a
Chinese archaism says without credit, a man will have no place to
survive, a business will never be a success. Credit is the most
important rule in international trade. By aspiring to be a great
enterprise we have been persisting in credit, law-abiding and
morality as our basic principles. We have gained this reputation
through 10 years of high quality performance. This is the
fundamental element of our successful development. Being a
creditable enterprise we start with offering customers quality
products. We take Six Sigma as our supervisal method, constantly
improving while processing. We have been operating in pursuit of 3.4
defects per million opportunities and aiming for total customer
satisfaction. We have achieved the certificates such as ISO9001
(2000), ISO14001, and OHSAS18001, some of the products have passed
the certificates such as American UL, German CE and Chinese 3C.
Jiuzhou knows in order to be a successful and respectful
enterprise we must be a responsible one first, that is what we are
concentrating to achieve, we are responsible for our staffs health
and safety, protecting the environment, devoting our working
community, contributing for social development. We have been
conferred by government with excellent ratepaying enterprise,
exemplary ratepaying enterprise, A grade ratepaying enterprise,
contractual devotion, exemplary donations to students suffering in

Human value

  Jiuzhou electrics have always been taking talent as the first
resource. Talent is always wanted, depended upon, respected,
understood, as well as strongly recognized and engaged. This is the
basic principle of the strategy for talent in order to exert the
full potential of talent. We are constantly creating the
opportunities of development, offering the best working environment
and conditions, the source of recruitment is extensive for the
talent we recruit and we do not stick to one pattern. We embrace and
develop every methodology of thought and training, motivate talent
by satisfying their requirements so that talent is empathically
kept. All members performances will be examined regularly, we expect
our members to maintain a high standard in relation to our dynamic
Human resource management system that will help us overcome all
psychological and comprehension differences. We will put into
practice, in the entire company, the concept of goal setting as
foundation, judged by performance as part of the exam system.
Year-end bonuses are distributed according to the result of the
exam, as well as the promotion, job development, relocation of the
registered permanent residence and training program. That is how
have we attracted, congregated, selected, and trained a group of
fine job managers and scientific researchers. Our enterprise is a
preeminently team which consist of 5 postdoctoral, 23 postgraduates,
130 Bachelor of Science graduates, at the moment there are more than
60% of employees who have graduated from junior college or higher in
our firm.
Jiuzhou are not only tending to attract talent, we also set
up our talent training system which adopts a variety of steps with
multi functional and knowledge courses in order to make Jiuzhou a
scholastic enterprise to increase our talent asset value and keep
increasing our talent asset value. We have already started to train
managers to courses such as business administration international
operation etc. and we selected and recommended many advanced
managers to join the project courses such as EMBA, MBA, which are
taught in Peking University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin
University of Science and Technology. We even support our skillful
technicians to get trained abroad. We expect that every single
member of our enterprise is a highly dynamic talent who will have
excellent ability. Our development in history proved that no matter
if you are a prime graduate, engineer, sales promoter or maybe a
manager in Jiuzhou you will find this is a wonderful stage where you
can fully demonstrate your talent.
   When the capitals are flowing worldwide, industries are
globalizing, Jiuzhou electrics have created a great challenging
opportunity, Jiuzhou is confidently facing the phantasmagoric world
and we will keep manufacturing the best electrics products in the
world. We are proud of contributing to our great country as being a
top brand.

Address:  No.162 Haping Street, Nangang District, Harbin,
Heilongjiang Province, China 150081
2005 JZE,Inc.ALL Rights Reserved.
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